partner sites

We care about our customers and have the privilege of working with some a little more closely than others.
For example, we were allowed to use a few images from our partners for the landing page on our website. We would like to mention them here:


My good friend Jessie now offers beautiful embroidery designs (especially for small ITH followers) for you. Above all, fanart enthusiasts will get their money's worth here! Lillipaya creates many of our fabric designs for us, so you will also find many matching files with her. How about, for example, an axolotl appliqué that matches our axolotl fabric?

pinku art

Pinku Art is a wild, creative and strong personality whose passion is designing and sewing beautiful plush toys entirely by herself. And hey.. she also takes commissions! Who knows... maybe you'll see a bit more of her here in the future? ;)

stick animal At Sticktier you will find beautiful embroidery files for your embroidery machine. Especially great things for the little ones.
Dear Corinna will also be happy to help you if you have any questions - so that nothing stands in the way of your next embroidery project!

Snow Pardi Creations Sethaa from Schneepardi Creations is a master in her field and builds the most beautiful fursuits for you! Thank you for using Our Shaggy Fur dear

Would you also like to work with Stoffhummel?
Feel free to contact us via our contact form - we look forward to hearing from you!