What exactly is minky fabric?

Minky - the cuddliest fabric you'll ever use.
Did you used to sew a lot with fleece, velor, felt or other not so cuddly fabrics?
In the past... that's the keyword!
Nice that you found us, nice that you want to get to know Minky!
He will enchant you from the first minute, I promise.
Our minky is of the best quality, incredibly soft and cuddly. It's great for all your cozy sewing projects! Stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, there are no limits to the imagination.
It is easy to sew up, has a slight stretch on one side and a short, fluffy pile. And if it gets dirty, you can wash it at 30 degrees.
And there are so many beautiful colors!
Try Minky - and I promise you won't want anything else after that.

...by the way, we are always happy to receive pictures of YOUR sewing projects! Feel free to share them with us on Facebook, Instagram or by email, we'd be happy to show your projects on our website! :)

The available colors of our Minky are currently as follows (potentially more from autumn)

minky fabric

(Colours similar, differences given by photos & screen displays)