How to ITH Sticken

How to: ITH (In the Hoop)- Embroidery with the embroidery machine

How to: ITH (In the Hoop)- Embroidery with the embroidery machine

Marleena's star embroidery

You can "sew" a complete cuddly toy with the embroidery machine - you didn't know that?
Dear Eileen von Marleena's star embroidery explains how it works in this lovingly written guest post!
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At Marleena's star embroidery there are many beautiful embroidery files that make every (children's) heart beat faster!

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... Embroidery is an old craft that has been taken to a new level today with modern technology and is becoming more and more popular with private individuals.

It's not rocket science, so I always say: Dare, it's worth it! "

With an embroidery machine you can realize the most beautiful creative projects quickly and easily.
A very special favorite of mine are in the hoop embroidery files .

With an In the Hoop, also known as an ITH embroidery file for short, entire sewing projects can be created entirely in your embroidery hoop. In most cases, only small turning openings have to be closed by hand or with the sewing machine at the end.

It's really great and easy to make cuddly toys for our little ones, for example, or lots of unusual decorations or smaller accessories.

The pretty fairy from the star embroidery is a super nice example of such an ITH project.
The pretty doll was embroidered by my dear test embroiderer Kryezi's Mode Design .

ITH fairy

Surely you are now wondering what it takes to make such a doll...

Of course, to be able to implement such a project, you need an embroidery machine.

Otherwise, all kinds of materials are added, as is the case with sewing.

This includes the ITH embroidery file, an embroidery needle, embroidery thread (upper and lower thread), embroidery stabilizer, an embroidery frame and ideally appliqué scissors (alternatively nail scissors), as well as fine scissors for thread cutting. Turn openings are closed with a simple sewing needle.

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If you have everything ready, you can start.

Step 1:

Switch on your embroidery machine and load the ITH embroidery file onto the machine via the display or the USB port. Check the thread tension to achieve the best stitch result. Most hobby machines have an automatic thread tension that you can adjust.

Step 2:

Hoop the stabilizer and start embroidering!

It's best to stay with your machine at all times to make sure there aren't any errors.

When working with fabrics, there is always a running stitch first, after which you can place the fabric in the designated place on the embroidery frame.

In the next step, this is embroidered.

To keep the fabric from slipping, you can hold it a little with your hands or fix it with some tape.

The edges of the fabric are then trimmed.

It is important with the ITH embroidery files that you leave a margin of approx. 1 cm.

Step 3:


When embroidery is complete, take your project out of the hoop and remove the stabilizer.

With the ITH doll, the body parts are embroidered first.

Then turn and fill with cotton.

ITH doll

When body parts are embroidered with the embroidery machine, it looks like this:

ex. poor

ITH doll

Before the back is embroidered and you lay the fabric right sides together, it is best to fix it with tape:

ITH doll

ITH doll

When your ITH embroidery file is finished, proceed as follows:

Then cut back the fabric. Allow about 1 cm of fabric overhang and a little more at the turning opening. Now cut the fabric a little at all corners and curves. Be careful not to cut through the seam.

ITH doll

The remaining individual parts are now sewn on by hand or with the sewing machine.

If you sew the body parts with the sewing machine, do not fill out the body and do not turn it yet. Put the possibly filled-in arms and legs completely into the body.

Let the open ends of the limbs peek out a bit at the designated open part of the body.
Refer to the previously embroidered line on the limbs as a guide.

Now use the sewing machine to sew over these areas to close the openings and sew the limbs in place at the same time.

Then you turn the body and fill it with cotton.

ITH doll

ITH - sew head

The finished embroidered motif is then turned and filled with cotton if necessary.

ITH doll stuffed

The head is best sewn on by hand with a mattress stitch so that it doesn't wobble so much. My tip here is to put a piece of foam in the neck area to stabilize it and sew it in.

ITH doll mattress stitch

And the ITH doll is already finished!

As you can see, it's not that difficult and the nice thing is, you can let your creativity run free and design it according to your wishes and ideas, with a wide variety of fabrics and colors.

If you are curious about other beautiful ITH projects, please visit .

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