about us


Wait a minute, who is actually behind Stoffhummel?

...you probably just asked yourself that and that's exactly why you ended up here.

To answer your question, I would like to finally introduce myself (gosh, damn, that took a long time... Typical me.)
But let's start at the very beginning.
Hello! My name is Yasmin but everyone actually calls me Yasi - or more recently Hummelchen (oops, why is that?)
I was born on September 24th, 1991 in the deepest Ruhr area, but now live with my dear husband in Thedinghausen, near Bremen.
I passed my Abitur in 2011, then studied architecture for two semesters and then somehow became an IT system electronics engineer...
(Wait a minute, how did she end up here!?)... but somehow that wasn't my passion after all.

Since - actually always - I have loved creativity.
In my free time I draw, sew and do crafts. And actually... doesn't everyone dream of turning their hobby into a career!? And that's exactly what Stoffhummel is - trying to make my little dream come true.
I want to design fabrics that will blow your mind and provide you with the fabrics that I like to use and love myself!
...I want to practically infect you with my addiction! Will I succeed? Let's hope so!

And so we come to what I'm actually doing here.
Quite a lot, but definitely not everything anymore ;)
In addition to me and my husband, I have two passionate employees, Anja (Uschi) and Cindy (Trulla). The two of them actively help me every day and pack your orders.
In addition, I no longer just design the fabric designs here alone (yay!), because I also have a good friend who is now helping me out - lovely Jessie from Lillipaya.

In addition to Stuffed Bumblebee, I have two little guys who always keep me on my toes.
Because it is also very important for me to often spend time with my family, it may take a little longer sometimes, even though I always give my full throttle for you.
I'm just a little bumblebee who can never sit still...

And how did Stoffhummel.de get started?

At the time, Stoffhummel was a friend and I's obsession.
The original plan was actually to sell Minky because thanks to Corona (and I actually wanted to avoid that word..) there was hardly any way to get Minky materials anymore. Except wholesale. I was able to raise €1500 and we sent our first Minky order. At the same time, my friend built the first version of this homepage and took care of the social media entries (if you look closely, you can see exactly when there was a change.)
What is still left of her today are the beautiful photos with our fabric bumblebee Minky and the bumblebee on them. That was your idea :)
Finally, we finally separated our projects because it became clear that it was difficult to reconcile the two together and that one project is always somehow the stepchild.
Since I was already making numerous other plans in my head and wanted to continue working on Stoffhummel (plus the fabric was stored with me), we decided that she would continue to run The Lilli Bird and that I would take over Stoffhummel completely.
Since then Stoffhummel has been under my sole control and I have a lot more plans for the future!
I am looking forward to many exclusive fabrics, my own designs and collaborations with other artists.
And of course, I also depend on your support, and I would like to say thank you for that. Because together we have come a long way!