Large fabric scraps surprise package

€24,99 EUR
Tax included.
Fabrics are ordered in 0.5m units. Accordingly, quantity 1 = 0.5m, quantity 2 = 1m,... Your ordered quantity of fabric is always cut in one piece.

Where there is planing, there are shavings or... where fabric is being cut, there is always a lot left over that we can no longer sell, but that is still wonderfully suitable for sewing!

Our fabric scrap boxes contain all the fabrics that you can buy from Stoffhummel. Including our own productions, Shannon Minky, Rabbitfur and Shaggy Fur.

So if you can't decide which fabrics to buy, love surprises or just want to try something new, our fabric scrap boxes are perfect for you!

The leftover boxes contain: Incorrectly cut pieces of fabric, pieces with minor errors (sewing errors, color errors, stains, etc.) or fabrics that can no longer be sold due to their size.
Of course, the value of the box significantly exceeds the price and you don't get any "little bits".

Let yourself be surprised - you won't be disappointed!

There are always only a limited number of fabric packages available, the fabrics included are chosen at random - unfortunately we cannot accommodate special requests.

A package of fabric scraps weighs +-2kg.