Ecoshag™ Solid Shaggy Fur Long Pile

€24,50 EUR
€49,00 / m
Tax included.
Fabrics are ordered in 0.5m units. Accordingly, quantity 1 = 0.5m, quantity 2 = 1m,... Your ordered quantity of fabric is always cut in one piece.

Big Z Fabrics Product Information: "Here at Big Z Fabric we are committed to bringing you luxurious, eco-friendly faux furs at a cost-effective price. That's why our new eco-friendly furs are carefully selected from textile mills that use eco-friendly machinery to eliminate waste and harmful chemicals for the environment. Our faux furs are made from 100% acrylic, making them both durable and soft. We have also improved the backing of our EcoShag™ furs for longer use and durability for all your fur projects. Our EcoShag™ Furs are a fraction of the cost of real fur and ensure our endangered animals thrive in our ecosystem rather than making them a fashion statement. Help us keep the environment clean and our animals safe by using our EcoShag ™ Buy Faux Fur Fabric."

Product details:

  • Made from 100% acrylic
  • Weight: ~1200 grams
  • Width: 160cm +-2cm
  • No stretch
  • Pile length: 3.8 - 5cm

Care instructions:

Machine wash cold / air dry only

Please note: Color reproductions may vary depending on screen.