Hug-Z® Baby Soft Minky

$8.00 USD
Fabrics are ordered in 0.5m units. Accordingly, quantity 1 = 0.5m, quantity 2 = 1m,... Your ordered quantity of fabric is always cut in one piece.

Stoffhummel is constantly trying to improve for you and that's why there is now a new baby-soft Minky for you! In terms of quality, our new Hug-Z® Minky is in no way inferior to our old product - on the contrary! We deliver you the best quality at the lowest price!
Our Hug-Z® Baby Soft Minky is a 2-way-stretch plush fabric with a 2.5mm pile length. It is perfect for plush toys, suits and costumes.

With our new Baby Soft Minky product line, we offer you the highest quality for an affordable new, great price! You can't imagine HOW soft this wonderful new material is, once you have it in your hand you won't want to let it go!
It is easy to process and is suitable for making your cuddly soft projects - its easy processing makes it perfect for beginners!

Hug-Z® Baby Soft Minky Plush has the following features:

  • Pile length approx. 2.5mm
  • the back is smooth
  • the fabric is stretchable on one side
  • washable at 30 degrees
  • 100% polyester
  • Width: 150cm +-2cm

INFO: Order quantity 1 corresponds to 50cmx150cm. So if you order quantity "3", you are ordering 150cmx150cm. Since it is sold by the meter, the ordered quantity will always be delivered to you in one piece.

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