Minky sublimation

€11,00 EUR
€22,00 / m
Tax included.
Fabrics are ordered in 0.5m units. Accordingly, quantity 1 = 0.5m, quantity 2 = 1m,... Your ordered quantity of fabric is always cut in one piece.

The perfect minky for sublimation!
Unlike other minky fabrics, it only has a pile length of 1mm (instead of 3mm) - this means that the white fibers hardly show through during sublimation because they are very short!

With our Minky - especially suitable for sublimation - you can look forward to a beautiful, colour-intensive result.

Please always remember to cover the Minky with baking paper, for example, when you sublimate it - otherwise it will melt.

Our parameters:
- Pressure: medium/ light
- 190 degrees
- 60-90 seconds

Our sublimation minky has the following properties:

  • Pile length approx. 1mm
  • the back is smooth
  • the fabric is extremely stretchy
  • washable at 30 degrees
  • Weight: 380g/m²
  • 100% polyester
  • Width: 160cm

INFO: The order quantity 1 corresponds to 50cmx160cm. So if you order quantity "3", you order 150cmx160cm. Since it is meter goods, the ordered quantity will always be delivered to you in one piece.

Please note: Color reproduction may vary depending on the screen.